Intensive reading scientific verification Pu’er Tea efficacy and Sohu ca4111

Intensive reading: scientific verification Pu’er Tea effect and the Sohu: South beauty tea trees tea "Moon" in 2008 [synopsis] folk Pu’er Tea treatment of migraine, colds, hypertension and other diseases, today, with the improvement of living standards, composition of science and technology team, around Pu’er Tea health effect of carrying out a series of research work, and strive to study scientific, rigorous and objective. It mainly includes: the effect of lowering blood fat, reducing the effect of Pu erh tea, anti oxidation effect of Pu erh tea and anti fatigue effect of Pu Erh tea. [Pu erh tea hypolipidemic effect], a high risk of hyperlipidemia caused by coronary heart disease. According to epidemiological studies, the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every year in China is about 2 million 600 thousand, ranking first in all kinds of causes of death. At the same time, easy to induce acute pancreatitis, and acute pancreatitis is one of the critical. In addition, high blood fat can lead to fatty liver. Research report two, subject Pu’er Tea hypolipidemic effect the conclusion: for the treatment and prevention of Pu’er Tea test and adjusting blood lipid test research group has carried out three experiments, obtained the similar results, and ripe Pu’er tea has good effect on lowering blood lipid, refer to Figure 1-1, 1-3, superior tea down the blood lipid effect of ripe tea, Pu’er tea is more significant effect of overall evaluation. [read] a lot of medical experiments proved Pu’er Tea has hypolipidemic effect, however, how to drink in order to maximize the efficacy of reducing blood fat, therefore, users have a detailed list of tea list: Pu’er Tea has hypolipidemic effect, but cannot replace drug treatment, should be more active in maintaining normal drinking at the same time, eat less greasy food, good habits, will have a healthy body. The definition of obesity is a common nutritional disorder, refers to the excessive storage of human fat. Often shown as an increase in weight, exceeding the corresponding standard weight for height. Two, the weight of the weight of the weight of obese people are quietly added, there will be no feeling of weight. However, the added weight will make people afraid of the heat, sweating, fatigue, joint pain, sluggishness, drowsiness etc.. Obesity is also health killer, can fight a series of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.. Research report three, subject Pu’er Tea slimming effect conclusion: found in this experiment, Pu’er tea and ripe tea can inhibit and prevent high fat diet induced obesity. (Figure 4-1, 4-5). [] in the comparative study of extended reading Pu’er Tea and Black Tea Tieguanyin, effect, we also found that Pu’er tea, Tieguanyin and Black Tea have the effect of weight loss, while the Pu’er tea is more significant. (Figure 4-8, 4-9). Began to drink tea in half an hour after the proposal to drink, weight loss success, should continue to maintain the habit of drinking tea, to ensure that weight does not rebound. Note: 1 disabled snack, three meals a day, "quasi quantitative相关的主题文章:

Power saving technology which strong inventory of mobile phone manufacturers in the software level s y580

Power saving technology which is stronger? Inventory of mobile phone manufacturers mobile phone software level power saving tactics is a key technology in the intelligent life is the most difficult to break through the mobile phone, the mobile phone manufacturers in order to improve the battery life of mobile phone can be described as the brains. On the hardware side, some of the life on the phone plug a larger battery, the current smart phone’s largest battery capacity has gone to 6000 Ma, there are some mobile phone manufacturers to save the curve, improve the charging speed. So each fast charging have emerged, and even the emergence of wireless charging curve is also a kind of salvation, allowing users to make full use of the time to charge the system, but at this stage can not really achieve wireless". Peripheral manufacturers have launched their own charging treasure phone shell, including apple itself out of one, but was very ugly tucao. So at the level of software, various mobile phone manufacturers and what power saving tactics? We might as well take stock. Google Doze as the founder of the Android system, Google on Android system optimization aspects of life is spare no effort on Android 6, and we can see the efforts made by Google. Android 7, Google made further improvements. After the release of Google 7, Google on the battery using a higher level of optimization, this technology is called Google Doze". The working principle of this technology is: when you close the mobile phone screen, Doze will determine whether you need long power according to your mobile phone screen is closed, when closed long after reaching a certain level, Doze will enter the "nap" mode, in this mode, to network connections and background tasks every few minutes the system is allowed to run, so as to reduce the power consumption. When you light up the screen, Doze will stop working and wait for the next time to save electricity. However, these key applications such as telephone, alarm clock will not be limited by Doze. According to the third party test shows that the same two Nexus 5, open a standby Doze can reach up to 533 hours, while not open a standby Doze can only reach up to 200 hours. Doze power-saving effect is very obvious. Millet alignment to wake up when the original release of MIUI 7, with the emergence of the MIUI power saving mode – aligned wake up mechanism. Lei Jun said in the province under the motor system, mobile phone life can be increased by 25%, standby time increased by at least three hours. Three hours of standby time for a day filled with Andriod really attractive. Then we look at what is aligned wake-up mechanism, in simple terms, in the native Andriod system, the normal use of APP requires a Wakelock (Huan Xingsuo), it can make the system to ensure the operation of the APP wake. When the system wakes up after a period of time to be able to sleep again, a variety of software will cause the phone to wake up many times, and short sleep time, the phone is more power consumption. In the wake of the mechanism of the system, the system will be in a certain period of time on the APP to wake up a number of times to wake up, thereby reducing the number of times the system was awakened, thereby increasing standby time. As shown in figure 8:.相关的主题文章:

IPhone 7 plus increased to 3gb, and equipped with the best cpu- Sohu technology, RAM spyair

IPhone 7 Plus RAM increased to 3GB, and is equipped with the best technology Sohu CPU- [Technews] new technology according to the GeekBench, perhaps in order to double lens imaging processing, iPhone 7 Plus RAM will be upgraded to 3GB, while the overall performance will exceed A9X equipped with 12 inch iPad Pro, Apple’s mobile devices become the best performance the. In fact, the performance of Apple’s SoC has always been able to do the most powerful mobile processor in a single core, but consider the deployment of multi-core work, since iPhone 4S, both conservative use of dual core. However, just launched iPhone 7 processor A10 Fusion, it is apple since 2011, and then increase the number of cores, came to the core of the 4. But strictly speaking, A10 Fusion is actually 2 + core, where the performance of the two energy saving, compared to the previous generation A9 only consumes about 15 of the electricity, while the main core of the is faster than A9 on the 40%. GeekBench also pointed out that in the test run, in fact A10 Fusion only use two core, A10 seems to be for the first time using the ARM Big.Little architecture, according to different situations using call CPU. And this should also be the reason why Apple A10 in the back of the Fusion. As for the run of results, run A10 Fusion single core points to 3233, and there are 5363 nuclear tests in two, are beyond the original 12 inch iPad Pro (4GB RAM), become Apple’s current best mobile device performance. In addition, in fact, the performance of A10 Fusion is also beyond the flagship processor of a public Android vendors, mobile CPU has become the best performance. Interestingly, iPhone 7 is currently the iPhone since the advent of the 9 anniversary. Compared with the original iPhone, the performance of A10 Fusion has reached 120 times the first generation. Note: processor performance is tested with GeekBench 4 standard. (source: Apple homepage) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news furtherreading:相关的主题文章:

The taxi drops and enterprises to achieve cooperation the latter changed to send a single intelligen

The taxi drops and the latter changed to intelligent enterprise cooperation and sending a single car Sina Korah Francisco August 31st message, every trip today announced a strategic partnership with fifty taxi companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other more than ten city, will send a single flow, etc. in the research of intelligent fusion. Didi travel chairman and CEO Cheng Wei said that the taxi is the start of the business drops, both have a strong historical background and good cooperation foundation, tens of millions of people rely on taxi travel. All along, in the taxi industry to share the changes brought about by the sharing of technology, while also actively working with the taxi companies to boost the development of the taxi network about car integration. It drops a taxi for Cao Fang introduction, in technology, service integration, relying on a strong platform for big data mining and computing power, the current drops are working with taxi companies to actively explore, based on the original "grab a single mode" on the introduction of "intelligence", the system will consider the distance, congestion and capacity the driver of supply and demand, service evaluation and other factors, will automatically match the order directed to a passenger the most appropriate taxi driver. Drops stressed in traffic integration, the platform has realized network can get through the taxi car about the order and background system, can let the taxi driver in the cab to undertake single basis, undertake the network about car orders. Early in April 26th this year, drops travel to cooperate with the first batch of 500 vehicles Haibo Haibo rental, network about cars to join the car drops, the line of vehicles, drivers and operation qualification by Haibo responsible, and online orders sent, user operations, payment by pieces of travel responsible, drivers do not need to pay "money", only a month to pay a small amount of company management fees. In addition, the drops also with the taxi enterprises in upgrading the enterprise information system, enhance the management efficiency of the taxi industry, explore business innovation, actively cooperate fully, the future will be in the right time, around the new energy automobile sales and licensing, automobile market, custom bus, car, car and other aspects of the enterprise strategic cooperation deeply. At the end of July this year, the "Interim Measures" of the network booking taxi business service and management "on the deepening of reform to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry guidance" two plan released at the same time. The latter on the taxi industry to deepen the reform of the top-level design and institutional arrangements, adhere to the transformation and development of balanced interests of all parties, passengers, drivers, taxi companies and the Internet platform, promoting the combination of the Internet and the development of car rental. (Anne)相关的主题文章:

China’s National Day holiday into the Sino Russian border tourism suck off golden week – China Netwo clonecd

Chinese National Day holiday to the Sino Russian border tourism to attract customers, the "Golden Week" – Beijing, Beijing, October 7 Harbin Xinhua (reporter Wang Lin) the 7 day is the last day of China National Day legal holiday, the reporter in Heilongjiang "eleven" outbound tourism market was informed that the province went to Russia and Heilongjiang to Russia by tourists outside the province the tourists soared over the same period last year, the National Day golden week China become the Sino Russian border tourism golden week "to attract customers". According to Russian satellite network previously reported, in the first half of 2016, the number of Chinese tourists to Russia increased by 50%, the momentum will continue until the end of the year." Heilongjiang is the first major province of China’s tourism cooperation with Russia, affected by the devaluation of the ruble, convenient transportation, cultural integration and other multiple factors, the Russian tourism in the eleven during the outbreak of the potential. 7, issued by the Heihe Jiejiang International Travel Agency 26 tour boat more than and 10 minutes across the Sino Russian border in Heilongjiang, at the end of the journey back to Heihe China Russian city. Half of them from Heilongjiang Province, the holiday trip to Russia almost like neighbours as convenient; the other half is in other provinces Chinese foreign guests, with carefully buy Russian goods and exotic solely to joy. From 1 to No. 7, send one or more tours to Russia every day." The general manager of Heihe Jiejiang International Travel Agency Li Yukun "eleven" during the period of performance is quite satisfactory: "foreign tourists took the opportunity to play in Heilongjiang, the Sino Russian border tourism overall warming." In addition, Heilongjiang, Suifenhe, Fuyuan and other ports in the east exit of tourists in a continuous line. As a professional Heilongjiang to carry out charter flights to Russia, Harbin Airlines century international travel agency, respectively, in October 2nd, 9 issued a number of mission to russia. Wang Xiaohui, general manager of the travel agency engaged in the Russian tourism industry for more than 20 years, he said: Heilongjiang to the Russian tourism market bullish all the way, 2016 ‘eleven’ tourists increased by an increase of 50% over the same period last year, an increase of 40%." According to the China online travel service provider ass mother travel data show that Russia has been among the "eleven" period Heilongjiang outbound destination before the five, Russia launched special line, Chinese service, UnionPay card, free WiFi, discounts and other initiatives, to seize the "Golden Week" this opportunity for Chinese tourists. (end)相关的主题文章:

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